0.00 - Pre-Alpha

To All Who May See This...

This is the first steps of the ThakFu Social Network project. It is not my intention to overthrow the current powers that be, nor to redefine the social media world. I simply want to create something new and something different that can have it's own corner of the web. I'm not out for fame and fortune, just tired of this being a dead link in the ocean of the WWW.

This will be "A Network For The Creative Mind". Share your creativity, what makes you tick, not what you do and how society chooses to define you. Let this be your garage, your workdesk, your inspiration station.

Contact me via email at if you would like to be part of the alpha/beta testing phase. Or reach me any way you may know me in person or through social networking.

A formal domain will follow in the next few days... seated at either a raw IP or formally at

Mike Kent (ThakFu)